Company Profile

We would like to inform you our company profile & history as follow:

In the year 2003 we starting really business in laboratory& medical sector , beginning with university of scientific & medicine (using our head office "AL-NOOR ALMOMAYZ – BAGHDAD").

Meanwhile our company need to import & export trading so we make a plan to open our offices in ERBIL & ISTANBUL to cover the import & export subject.

Finally we plan to inter the medicine market by open our scientific burea in the name of (AL-NOOR ALMOMAYEZ SCIENTIFIC BUREAU) , you can find attached our company profile
2-Al-NOOR ALMOMAYZ CO / Istanbul – Export office

Year of establishment: 2006.
Activity: export office.
No. of employee:2 person (eng.&management)
Contact no.: 0090-5324968489
Contact person: Mr. FaikGecim

3- Al-NOOR ALMOMAYZ CO / ERBIL – Import office

Year of establishment: 2011.
Activity: Import office.
No. of employee:2 person (lawyer &employee)
Contact no.: 00964-7504904276
Contact person: Mr. Rezgar M. Hashem


Year of establishment: 2012.
Activity:medicine trading office.
No. of employee:4 person (2 pharmisit&1 bio.& 1employee)
Contact no.: 00964-7802425080, 7901304149
Contact person: Dr. Serab H. metroud