A9600 Anesthesia Workstation



Download Data Sheet (A4 PDF)

  • 12.1” TFT LCD color touch screen, easy control
    of user interface by touch screen & navigator wheel
  • Standard Selectatec-compatible mounts hold two vaporizers
  • Electronic fresh gas flow display with traditional flow
    control knobs
  • GCX rail supports easy connection to other medical devices
  • Absorber Compatible with Standard Prepaks and is steam sterilizeable
  • Heated CO2 absorber system, with independent
    CPU to control the temperature at 35℃


  • Modes of Ventilation: IPPV, PCV, SIMV, PS, Manual
  • PCV and SIMV+PS modes provide more flexibility for ventilation
    across a wide range of patient needs; suitable for pediatric and adult
  • Optional functions of monitoring O2, CO2 & 5 types of anesthetic agents
  • System provides a minimum of 25% O2 concentration at all times
  • Optional AGSS(Anesthetic Gas Scavenging System)provides safe
    and effective waste gas removal
  • Large stainless-steel work surface with standard flip-up table
  • Impressive array of standard features improves system usability:
    auxiliary oxygen flow meter, integrated suction control, and auxiliary
    AC power outlets
  • 3 Drawers with lock for storage
  • Lighting with 2 brightness settings


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