Nixie, Médipréma’s birthing bed, is the ideal woman labor support tool.
Its original « chair and stool » structure offers a unique level of adaptability, perfectly suited to the different positions used during labor phases right up to fetal expulsion (gynaecological position, sideways, on all fours, quatting suspended etc…). The Nixie bed enables the woman to be comfortably positioned and gives her a huge freedom of movement. It also ensures caregivers ergonomic use, ease of implementation and move.
Everything is designed to make it easier for both nurses and patients.When disconnected, the stool can contribute to the patient’s mobility, or provide an adjustable and safe seat for caregivers performing certain medical procedures.
Many handles and support zones are available and adjustable to facilitate the women stretching. A sliding placenta tray is available under the seat of the bed. Stirrups, attached to the bed, offer a wide range of adjustment. Médipréma proposes a labor hanger bar, which can be installed without having to rearrange the room. It is detachable and fits directly to the bed structure. It provides a genuine suspension on or near the bed. All the bed sections can be adjusted electrically and independently.
The Nixie birthing bed combines comfort and safety. Nixie is highly mobile in order to meet any critical emergency situation.
The bed is very easy to clean, both bed frame and mechanism being fully protected and presenting no inaccessibke areas. The retractable and removable side barriers provide safety conditions for skin to skin or rest phases. A backup battery allows repositioning the bed in case of power failure.


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