Carrying bag for oxygen cylinder



  • Home therapy equipment ideal for the patient to move without interrupting oxygen treatment

    • Ref. 5503211  P-300-F15-NFS  Oxygen pressure regulator (0-15 L/min)
    • Ref. 0510001  Oxygen cylinder 400 L  capacity (equivalent to 2 L water)
    • Ref. 0200055  Carrying bag for oxygen cylinder of  400 L
    • Ref. 0510003  Oxygen cylinder 1.000 L  capacity (equivalent to 5 L water)
    • Ref. 0200039  Carrying bag for 5 L oxygen cylinder
    • Ref. 0930001  Oxygen nasal cannula
    • Ref. 3210221  Oxygen face mask for adulyt
    • Ref. 3210220  Oxygen face mask for child

    Carrying bag made of: 1800 high-tenacity nylon thread, coated in a blue color PVC resin.


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