Dopplex Ankle Brachial Pressure Index Kit


  • Dopplex® Ankle Brachial Pressure Index Kit 

    The ABPI Kit contains all the items required to undertake a full ABPI assessment on regular or oedematous limbs and includes two Doppler probes and cuffs. The Easy8 probe helps to locate vessels and also maintain vessel contact during inflation and deflation procedures, and the VP5 is ideal for oedematous limbs.

    The ABPI Kit includes:

    • Dopplex MD2 Bi-directional Doppler

    • High Sensitivity Widebeam EZ8 8MHz Probe

    • High Sensitivity VP5HS 5MHz Probe

    • Large Arm/Ankle Cuff

    • Standard Arm/Ankle Cuff

    • Sphygmomanometer (quick release)

    • ABPI Guide

    • Educational CD

    • Large Carry Bag



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