Dopplex MD200 Desktop Doppler


  • Desktop Doppler

    The Dopplex MD200 desktop solution is ideal for clinicians requiring a larger, mains powered Doppler unit. Compatible with the XS range of High Sensitivity Probes, it provides bi-directional indication of blood flow direction.

    High quality reports can be obtained using the DR4 Software package.

    Probes sold seperately – please indicate probe choice from related products below.

    • Mains/Rechargable Battery Operation.
    • Robust Desktop Design.
    • Probes are conveniently stored within the unit.
    • LCD showing Flow Direction, Probe Frequency and Battery Status.
    • Serial Port for connection to the DR4 Software Package.
    • Two Speakers providing Flow Separated High Quality Stereo Sound.


    *Probes sold separately


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