Digital Touch Screen 12-Lead Electrocardiograph


Designed for a fast paced work environment, the Infinium QRS-12 ECG System offers an extremely simple and adaptable touch-screen user interface. Patient information along with vital sign settings can be quickly modified to meet the needs of a patient’s changing condition. The QRS-12 offers a high resolution 9 inch touch screen and alphanumeric keypad to optimize the speed of patient care. The user can therefore make quick and convenient analysis while having multiple print and data transfer options.


Unlike most ECG systems, the QRS-12 offers interpretation software as a standard feature.  The QRS-12provides 2 “built-in” EKG references databases.


The QRS-12 offers several connective solutions to network and manage patient data on an electronic medical records platform or a HL7 information system. The QRS-12 ECG system offers Ethernet and RS232 connections with an open source communication protocol. Infinium offers 2 levels of networking and connectivity. The QRS-12 is HL7 and DICOM compliant. The HL7 network protocol will allow for all patient information and vital sign trends to be transferred and stored on a hospital information system. For non-HL7 medical facilities, there is the Infinium ECG manager software  which allows the transfer of all stored ECG files and patient data to a remote PC. The patient files can be very simply saved, stored, printed, and, transferred.

Infinium QRS-12 | 12 Interpretive 12 Lead EKG:

  • Smart and portable design
  • 9-inch high resolution TFT touch screen with adjustable angle, easy to view
  • Waterproof and full alphanumeric keyboard with shortcut keys.
  • Broad frequency response 0.05~250Hz for weaker signal recognition and capture, more suitable for pediatrics
  • Specific age and gender differential validity in CardioPro analysis program maximizes the accuracy of the ECG interpretation
  • Unique ECG acquisition module with 3 independent keys streamlines the whole workflow
  • ECG electrode placement diagram for lead connection guide and alarm
  • Up to 300 seconds frozen waveforms reviewable and recordable
  • Up to 300 seconds R-R analysis in 1 or 3 rhythms for easier in arrhythmia locating
  • Cabrera mode available
  • Support various file formats: XML, DICOM, JPG and PDF
  • Local storage for up to 1500 files
  • 3 ways files storage: local memory, SD card, USB flash disk
  • ECG management software by LAN or WIFI (optional)

* Accessories Include: 12 Lead Cable, Chest Electrodes, Limb Electrodes, Paper roll, Lithium Battery.

*Optional Accessories: ECG manager Software, Mobile Cart, Carry Bag, External Printer, Bar Code Scanner/Magnetic Card Reader.

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