Eurovac H-90



  • Eurovac H-90 surgical suction unit is the result of Hersill’s innovation in a new generation of medical systems.

    The unit is designed to integrate a system of electrical suction, one of the highest performance known in the market, within a structure of maximum resistance.

    Intended for the following types of application: suction in the surgical field, the airway, endoscopic, obstetrical with a silicone suction cup and liposuctions. It can be used with adults and paediatrics.

    Standard equipment specifications:

    • Made in polypropylene of high resistance, with 4 integrated wheels of Ø80mm, two of them with brake and one antistatic.
    • High flow vacuum pump (up to 90 L/min). Double piston cylinder, oil free, maintenance not required.
    • 2 collection jars of 4 L, made in polysulfone (PSU) with handle and integrated standardized “EN” support, sterilization by autoclave at 135ºC (275ºF). The equipment includes a central additional support for the probe cleaner or a third collection jar.
    • Collection jars selector control knob with 2 positions (left or right), with 3 filters for each collection jar: water trap with safety valve + particle filter + hydrophobic filter of virus/bacteria made in PTFE.
    • On/Off switch and accurate system of vacuum regulation, with rotating control of smooth tact and easy cleaning.
    • Precision gauge of high vacuum range (0-100 kPa / 0-760 mmHg / 0-14,7 Psi) with great visibility (Ø67 mm).
    • On/Off foot switch included and additional pre-installation for a second optional foot pedal for pressure regulation.
    • Suction tube 3 m in PVC (inner Ø8 mm – Ø13 mm outer)
    • Lodging for the 3 m electric wire.

    Technical data:

    • Maximum flow: 90 L/min (60 Hz)
    • Maximum vacuum: 03 kPa – 900 mbar – 675 mmHg
    • Noise level: 50 ±1,5 dB (AS) 1m
    • Power: 250 W
    • Current 1,3 A
    • Voltage: 200 – 240 V (50-60 Hz)
    • Dimensions: 890 x 580 x 440 mm
    • Weight: 24 kg
    • MTBF: 10.000 h (vacuum pump)
    • Storage temperature: -40 ºC +70 ºC – -104 ºF +158 ºF
    • Operating temperature: 5 ºC 40 ºC – 41 ºF 104 ºF
    • Norms: EN ISO 10079-1:2015 – 93/42/CEE. Class IIb – EN 60601-1: Class I, Type BF, IPX1



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