The HEYER FZWK II (free nebulizer–wall unit combination) is a pneumatically operated appliance for room nebulization. Compressed air is supplied by an external compressor or central gas supply.

Room nebulization with saline or medication is achieved by means of a mechanical jet system.

The mist generated by the jet is released into the room from a storage tank. The patient thus has no direct contact with the aerosol generator, but absorbs the mist indirectly by breathing in the aerosol-laden air.

All medication and/or remedies designed for respiratory tract inhalation treatment can be nebulized with the FZWK II:


  • Oil-based medication
  • Essential oils
  • Water-soluble medication (can be added to saline)

The modular design of the appliance enables the nebulizer output to be adapted to the room size by setting a predetermined number of aerosol humidifiers.

The following applications are possible:

Room/m3 Number Humidifiers
Application 1 12 2
Application 2 24 4
Application 3 36 6


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