Gas measuring



Sidestream Analyzer

The ISA sidestream analyzers combine innovative technologies with advanced features to optimize all aspects of gas monitoring. The ISA analyzers are available as stand-alone “plug-in and measure” analyzers.

Recognizing that every clinical application is unique, the intelligent features of the ISA analyzers enable you to extend the clinical application range for your products.

Anesthesia gas monitoring:

  • ISA AX+
    (CO2, N2O, 5 AA, AA ID)

ETCO2 monitoring:

  • Respiration mechanics
  • Procedural sedation
  • Capnography for ventilator management and weaning <(li>
  • Metabolic measurements and nutritional assessment

Automated drug infusion safety

  • ISA CO2

The ISA sidestream modules have, despite their miniature size, all functions needed for a complete multigas analyzer. From the intelligent light emitting gas inlet to an advanced flow controller and a rugged micro pump.

  • Low system integration complexity
  • Micropower operation
  • RS232 or USB interface
  • Intelligent light emitting gas inlet
  • Interfaces with a paramagnetic or galvanic oxygen sensor
  • Utilizes the Nomoline sampling lines
  • Integrated flow controller and a micro pump
  • 50 ml/min sampling flow for all applications
  • Permanently factory calibrated


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