H-1 Oxygen rotameter box



  • Rotameter for oxygen delivery with a complete, antistatic, graduated cristal tube with regulating control knob, for measurement.


    Main part composed by 2 pieces of anodized aluminium pieces with a transparent polycarbonate tube.


    The inlet fitting is in the lower back part and it can be fitted to the hospital pipeline or to xoygen cilindres with regulators.


    In the outlet of the rotameter it can be connected a vaporizer or a direct gas outlet to the patient


    Technical specifications:

    • Scale measurement: 0-10 L/min (24 divisions from 0 to 2 litres y 8 divisions from 2 to 10 litres)
    • Working pressure: 4 bar
    • Feeding fitting of hose outlet: Ø inner 4 mm, external 6 mm
    • Outlet fitting: conic 23 mm
    • Fastening: 2 metric screws of 6 mm with nuts

    Dimensions: 290 x 80 x 70 mm   –   Weight: 500 gr.


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