• The H-700 is made to completely solve the need for oxygen therapy through the oxygen cylinder, in many different environments, from large hospitals, where a large amount of oxygen cylinders are usually used, to small clinics or ambulatories, always with its great added value of having in only one equipment with the aid of a wheel system, of all that is necessary to give the therapy in a quick, comfortable and effective way wherever it may be needed.
    Ref. 5520701
    • Oxygen regulator P-300-F-15
    • Sterilizable humidifier. see product
    • Plastic tubing nipple for oxygen tube.
    • Two oxygen face masks (adult and child) with tube
    • Trolley
    Ref. 0510010
    Oxygen cylinder (empty) of 2,000 L  oxygen capacity (equivalent to 10 L water capacity).
    Dimensions: 127 x 35 x 31 cm          Weight: 18 Kg


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