Médipréma incubators are specially designed to provide neonates with extra comfort by optimizing their environment, since these neonates need protection and care at all times, especially when they are premature.

Heat exchanges are controlled particularly by a considerable reduction in heat losses by radiation, since the air circulation system blows a warm airflow along the surface of the canopy to maintain the required temperature.

A calm and stable air zone is created around the infant.

The foot end to head end air circulation prevents a sudden temperature drop if the ports are opened for a prolonged period. Special care is taken to minimize noise that could disturb the baby’s tranquility.

Every effort is made to increase the comfort of the neonate.

Médipréma incubators are aesthetic, robust, reassuring and compact, and benefit from a number of ergonomic qualities facilitating surveillance, access and manipulation.

The geometry and transparency of the canopy provide exceptional visibility with no optical deformation.

The incubator is spacious and the position of the ports is carefully studied so that all carers can work with no constraints.

The ergonomics of the incubator is adapted to the needs of the child and care personnel, depending on its purpose : number of doors and portholes, tubing ports, adjustment of the bedding (height adjustment, slide out mattress, tilt positions, etc.).

If servocontrolled regulation of humidification is necessary, médipréma offers a unique ultrasound nebulizer system capable of quickly and safely reaching high humidity regardless of the temperature.

All elements forming part of the ventilation and humidification system can be easily disassembled for fast cleaning and disinfection.

Médipréma incubators are equiped with the Isis electronic system that quickly controls heating of the unit in real time as a function of information received from probes and sensors and instructions given by the user.

The foot-to-head ventilation direction rather than from the front enables comfortable and safe access to the baby when the doors are opened.

Reliability is a priority for médipréma.


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