Neonates always need to be taken care of efficienly and quickly, with gentleness and in a warm atmosphere.
The Fabie médipréma incubator is both a resuscitation table and an open incubator. It fulfills the technical and ergonomic requirements of nursing teams and offers mild and stable heat to neonates according to a radiant heating by glass ceramic emitter.

Médipréma is the only manufacturer to offer a genuine air mode on its infant warmers (expressed in degree Celsius), like incubators. It takes account of ambient temperature to automatically compensate radiation from heating elements.

The required heat input is always provided, undisturbed by false alarms.

Médipréma infant warmers are practical and functional, and enable the medical team to treat neonates under optimum conditions.
Aesthetics can be practical. Offering a pure design with touches of colour, the Fabie infant warmer is 100% functionnal and modulable.

Thus, its swivelling heating hood with a slender design allows greater freedom of movement for the user. Storage facilities can pivot so that they are accessible regardless of the position of the nursing team, and a x-ray tray simplifies taking x-rays. The spacious bedding can be inclined without jerks.

Finally, accessories can easily be added to Fabie to adapt the requirement of different services.

Médipréma infant warmers have been designed by and for users to keep the baby in a perfectly safe environment. Fabie uses isis electronic architecture, a technology that has been widely proven in terms of reliability and safety.
Their air mode helps to keep temperatures precisely and assure optimum safety.

The bedding is surrounded by high and transparent protections forming a genuine safety belt around the neonate.

Everything is done to facilitate thorough cleaning. Fabie limits the number of corners to optimize access, and there are many appreciable design improvements such its fully removeable fold down side panels for washing by soaking.


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