InGAS for ambulances



  • InGAS is a fully automatic system, controlled by a microcontroller, in charge of the management and the automatic changeover between two high pressure Oxygen cylinders (up to 300bar) with the optimum possible saving of its capacity, without interruption of gas delivery to the installation facilities.

    The InGAS KIT includes the Control Unit, two regulators with high pressure sensors (there are versions available for all standard cylinder connections, see references in the table), and panel mount connectors for the oxygen and the sensor that act as inputs to the Control Unit.

    During the normal operation of the system, the Control Unit maintains in use the less pressured cylinder (Active Cylinder) while it is able to supply pressure and flow to the system and connected devices; and thanks to the real-time analysis of the high and low pressures and its evolution, it is possible to optimize the saving of oxygen, reducing the cylinder change frequency (the P-300 regulators included with the InGAS kit can be normally operated until cylinder pressures of 10bar).

    The Control Unit includes an inner accumulator to be able to open the lines of both cylinders after detecting a switch off order (from the knob or from the remote control line ) or unexpected (due to a loss of battery voltage); thanks to this safety procedure the installation is always able to supply oxygen independently of any trouble in the voltage supply or in the Control Unit; this protocol makes the InGAS the most safe and robust against fails.


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