• High quality basic CPR case, with the essential equipment to resuscitate patients in emergency respiratory cases. Suggested for the professional user that in some cases may need to add their specific elements to the CPR case, thus being able to make the most of its portability and resistance characteristics.
    Ref. 5210301 
    • High density polyethylene (HDPE) case, with a double wall, very resistant to impacts and scratches.
    • Oxygen piston regulator P-300-FX5 with fixed flow at 5 L/min
    • Oxygen face masks for adult and child
    • Reusable resuscitator Revivator Res-Q with PVC masks (adult and child)
    • Manual vacuum pump VacUp.
    • Guedell cannulas numbers 1, 2, 3.
    • Helicoidal mouth gag.
    • Isolating blanket.
    • Pull tongue.
    • Bandage scissors.
    • 3 nylon bags with transparent cover and zip
    Ref. 0510061
    200 L oxygen cylinder (volume equivalent to 1,2 water).



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