Oxyll® flowmeters, particularly recommended to be used in oxygen therapy, have been designed for time and O2 saving. Via a revolving control knob, 02 is supplied through a direct outlet to either a face mask, a nebulizer or a humidifier, during which 02 supply is not been interrupted.

MATERIALS- brass (matt chrome-plated) body, polycarbonate inner and outer tubes, stainless-steel float. Rest made from brass and polyamide. Latex-free.



(Width x Height)    

48 x 145 mm
Weight (fitting not included) 160 g
Gases options O2 and Air
Fittings BS, NF, DIN and SS. For other fittings, please consult
With no fitting (female thread inlet, Whitworth gas 1/8″)
Outlet DISS O2 9/16” – 18h UNF
DISS connector for Ohose
Pressure supply 4,2 kg/cm2 – 60 psi – 414 kPa
Accuracy ±10%
Flow From 0 to 5 L/min

From 0 to 15 L/min

From 0 to 30 L/min

Option Rail coupling





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