• Cardiac arrest cart.

    Cardiopulmonary resuscitation cart.

    R-8000 cart answers to the conventional concept of a cardiac arrest cart. Adequate dimensions but not excessive, strong central tray to carry monitors, basket under tray, drawers and excellent wheels for a noiseless, speedy and very stable motion.

    It can be equipped with everyting essential for CPR. Its design allows for great versatility and, therefore, can be useful for many other functions as an advanced life support trolley.

    Basic composition:

    • Cart with 4 swivel castors of 125 mm, of which 1 antistatic and 2 come with brakes.
    • A block of 2 drawers with dividers and key (310 x 400 x 470 mm).
    • Metallic basket over the drawers.
    • Tray, 450 x 400 mm, suitable for holding up to 30 Kg.
    • 2 side rails.
    • Oxygen regulator, Oxyll flowmeter, humidifier, venturi Vacujet suction device (50 cmHg – 650 mbar) and collection jar 1 L.
    • Manual silicone resuscitator Revivator Plus, adult size, with two masks (adult and child).
    • One IV Pole (which can be placed in either side of the cart).

    Dimensions: 1,400 x 470 x 680 mm.
    Weight: 41 Kg.

    Optional accessories:

    • Cylinder of 1,400 L of oxygen (7 L true volume).
    • Cardiac massage board.
    • Stainless steel probes support (100 x 290 mm).
    • Manual silicone resuscitator Revivator Plus, children’s size.
    • Intubation kit composed of: transport bag, laryngoscope withhandle and 3 different Machintosh blades, Magill adult forceps, and Pean forceps, dressing scissors, mouth opener, pull tongue, 3 Guedell tubes, 9 endotracheal tubes of different sizes and 3 endotracheal stylets, 10 mL syringe, lantern andf bandage roll, aneroid blood pressure with cuff, manuel suction pump, portable vacuum pump V7m.
    • Aneroid blood pressure
    • Manual suction pump
    • Foot pedal suction pump
    • V7m suction pump (220 V, 12 V and internal battery)
    • Suport arms for IV pole or emergency ventilator

    * R-8002 emergency cart

    Same cart as the R-8000 with 2 blocs of 2 drawers and without metallic basket”. View More Images



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