Smartsigns CentralView Software


  • Patient Monitoring Central System

    In its basic form, the Smartsigns CentralView is a low cost 16 bed central monitoring system providing users with a powerful platform from which to build. Patient data is displayed on a large flat panel display where all 16 beds can be viewed simultaneously.

    Combining the latest technology and a Windows operating system, the Smartsigns CentralView can accommodate additional beds to expand the network beyond its minimum configuration. Single screen or dual screen systems are also available.

    The Smartsigns CentralView will communicate with any combination of Smartsigns® Compact 750 and 1000 Series Patient Monitors.

    System navigation could not be easier; the simple smart user interface of the monitors has been retained at the workstation which makes access to patient data, trends, alarms and monitor control easy and quick.

    Full bi-directional communications enable the users to review and make changes at the work station and print patient reports from the networked laser printer.

    Flexible options include:

    • 16 Bed Capability.

    • Dual Screen Options.

    • Colour Printer.

    • Touch Screen Control (Work Station).

    • Uninterruptible Power Supply.



    *NB Not currently for sale in the USA


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