Sonicaid Centrale Hospital System


  • Sonicaid Centrale 
CTG Viewing & Archiving System – Hospital/Server based system

    In standard configuration, Sonicaid Centrale is a CTG Viewing and Archiving System allowing real-time remote viewing of CTGs with automatic archiving.

    Using our unique ‘point and click’ user interface, the system is intuitive, quick and easy to use with a minimum of training.

    Fetal monitors can be networked into the system from all areas within the hospital (antenatal wards, day care units, delivery suites etc).

    A wide range of options includes a partogram for labour management and the world renowned Dawes-Redman CTG Analysis.

    – from simple archiving and alerting to fully networked solutions with remote capability.

    Sonicaid Centrale has been designed as a flexible operating platform on which a wide range of system configurations and options can be built. The entry level package provides a CTG focused viewing and archiving system. Fully loaded, it provides a comprehensive networked labour management system with links into hospital databases, outputs to national databases, letter and report generation and other options, providing a totally integrated service.

    Sonicaid Centrale provides a powerful platform for addressing risk management and clinical governance issues, and enhancing standards of care by providing instant access to a wide range of patient data, guidelines, protocols and other related information. It also provides a platform for expert referral, training and case review.

    Optional reporting tools provide output for reporting, research etc.



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