Sonicaid Freedom Wireless Transducers


  • Wireless Transducers

    Used in conjunction with the Sonicaid FM800 Series Monitor, the Sonicaid Freedom uses wireless connectivity to monitor the fetal heart wherever mum might be within wireless range. The obvious advantages being less clutter than the cumbersome cable-based traditional method and the ability to allow freedom of movement for the mum. This gives a more mobile and less restricted experience, enabling mum to assume positions of comfort in early labour.

    Why Sonicaid Freedom?
    • • Go Where Traditional Transducers Cannot.
      Eliminates cables between mum and the fetal monitor, giving total freedom for mum, whether in bed, sitting or walking.
    • • Ergonomic and Comfortable.
      Comfortable easy to use transducers ensure maximum convenience for mum.
    • • Waterproof.
      Waterproof transducers provide safe and convenient water birth monitoring and easy cleaning and disinfection.Waterproof transducers provide safe and convenient water birth monitoring and easy cleaning and disinfection.
    • • Easy to Use.
      For both clinician and mum, the problems of a tangled mass of cables, trying to work out which plug belongs to which transducer, etc. are completely eliminated!
    • • Improves Birthing Experience.
      Mum’s greater freedom delivers a hugely enhanced birth experience with the freedom to adopt more comfortable positions as labour progresses.
    • • Continuous Reassurance.
      Extended battery life in this new generation system provides continuous operation for up to 16 hours. Visual indicators on both the receiver and the transducers provide clear indication of battery charge state, signal reception etc.




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