Sonicaid Team 3 Series Fetal/Maternal Monitor


  • Fetal/Maternal Monitor

    Designed to improve the standard of obstetric care, this new stylish design does not dominate the bedside, yet continues to offer a clear visual of the status of the fetus.

    The Sonicaid Team 3 Series is easy to use and intuitive via the icon driven touchscreen, and the fetal heart rate can be displayed as “Big Numbers” and auto-scales depending on single, twins or triplets monitoring for optimum visibility.

    The NEW Team 3 Series is full of features to provide cost-effective, reliable and accurate fetal/maternal monitoring:

    Automated Sonicaid Actogram and maternally sensed fetal movements are also available.


    • • Dual Fetal Movement Markers (Manual & Automatic).
    • • High Performance Audio for the most Sensitive Fetal Heart Detection.
    • • The latest Most Powerful Release of the World-Renowned Dawes-Redman CTG Analysis.
    • • Mains / Battery operation.
    • • Integral Patient Database with Trace Memory with Unlimited Storage Capacity.
    • • User Configurable Fetal & Maternal Alarm System.



    *NB Not currently for sale in the USA


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