• Bubble type humidifier diffuser that increases the level of moisture and reduces noise. Ideal for use in areas which require a moderate relative humidity.


    • Jar made of polycarbonate with 350 ml. Capacity,
    • Polyamide cover complete with plated brass inlet fitting to the flowmeter (thread 9/16” UNF) and hose connector to the patient tubing.
    • Poliethylene diffuser and NBR seal. Latex free
    • Inlet fitting:  DISS O2 9/16” x 18h UNF
    • Outlet fitting: hose conector to the patient tubing
    • Sterilizable by autoclave at 121 ºC

    Dimensions: Ø Base 75 mm, Ø Cover 85 mm, High 170 mm.

    Weight: 160 gr.


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