V7 g (Intermittent low vacuum)




V7g equipment is a portable suction unit specific for therapies that require low suction and low flow conditions.

  • ABS ergonomical case. Handle and rear anchorage tested to resist up to 10 g (according to European norm UNE-EN-1789: 2000).
  • Medical membrane pump.
  • Vacuum gauge display
  • Vacuum control knob.
  • Intermittent control knob: it allows choosing  continuous suction and 3 different timings of intermittent programs:
  •        10 seg, ON – 5 seg, OFF   /   20 seg. ON – 10 seg. OFF   /   40 seg. ON – 20 seg. OFF
  • LEDs: ON, intermittency, vacuum level, vacuum indicator, battery charge level.
  • Maximum vacuum: 150 mmHg (20 kPa).
  • Free air flow: 5 L/min. (depending on model).
  • Dual power supply: AC (220-110 V) and DC 12 V.
  • Battery for long lasting autonomy.
  • Silent (noise
  • PC1 (1 l.) polycarbonate suction jar (autoclavable up to 121 ºC). Overfill safety valve included. Also available with 1.7 L collection jar and supports compatible with the main standards of canister systems.
  • Bacteria filter im suction tube.
  • ON/OFF switch with protection against moisture.
  • Weight: 2,5 Kg
  • Dimensions. 385 x 155 x 255 mm.
  • Packing dimensions: 460 x 210 x 290 mm.




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