Vacusill 2 HV



  • High flow suction regulator. High stability and accuracy.

    • Materials: body in ABS-PC, vacuum gauge cover in PC, O-rings in NBR and silicone, pneumatic mechanism in POM, inlet thread connection in chromed plated brass.
    • Fast ON/OFF switch.
    • Water trap (made in polycarbonate with safety valve and particles filter) or hydrophobic bacterial and virus filter.
    • Range: 0-100 kPa – 0-750 mmHg
    • Precision: + 5%
    • Flow: 90 L/min
    • Dimensions: 240 x 86 x 86 mm
    • Weight : 310 g.

    Range of models

    • Vacusill 2 HV: basic unit withfitting, water trap with security valve and particle filter.
    • Vacusill 2 HV PC1 Diss: with Diss adapter, particle filter and suction jar PC1 Diss directly fitted to the vacuum regulator
    • Vacusill 2 HV PC2 : with 1,7 L suction jar and wall support.
    • Vacusill 2 HV PC4: with 4 L suction jar and wall support.
    • Vacusill 2 HVR: with rail coupling system
    • Vacusill 2 HVR PC1 Diss: with rail coupling system and 2 L suction jar.
    • Vacusill 2 HVR PC2 Diss: with rail coupling system and 1,7 L suction jar.



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