Vacusill 3 High Vacuum



  • Vacusill 3 High Vacuum is a medical suction equipment made of aluminium (body), polycarbonate (scale), polysulfone (water trap) and is powered by a vacuum source.

    Operating modes:

    • REG: Continuous suction permanently regulated.
    • LINE: Through a by-pass, it will override the regulator operation, reaching, if requested, the maximum pipeline pressure.


    • Range:  0-100 kPa   0-750 mmHg
    • Precision:  + 5%
    • Flow: 62 L/min (Int: 9 L/min)
    • Dimensions: 160 x 86 x 100 mm
    • Weight : 630 g
    • Sterilizable by autoclave up to 121 ºC

    All vacuum regulators can be delivered with suction jar and rail coupling system.


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