Vacusill 3 Pediatric Cont/Int



  • Vacusill 3 Pediatric Cont-Int is a medical suction equipment made of aluminium (body), polycarbonate (scale) and polysulfone (water trap). Autoclavable and powered by a vacuum source.

    Operating mode:

    • CONT: Continuous suction permanently regulated.
    • INT: It alternates every certain period of time between OFF and CONT modes, producing a regulated intermittent suction. The ratio between OFF and CONT is approximately 2:3 and this frequency can be adjusted.


    • Range: 0-20 kPa   0-150 mmHg
    • Negative pressure relief valve
    • Precision:  + 5%
    • Flow: 50 L/min (Int: 9 L/min)
    • Dimensions:  160 x 114 x 105 mm
    • Weight: 710 g

    All vacuum regulators can be delivered with suction jar and rail coupling system.


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